WWE has announced that the first hour of tonight’s episode of WWE RAW will be commercial-free.

Byron Saxton broke the news in a video uploaded on WWE’s social media. Saxton also announced that Becky Lynch will be kicking off tonight’s edition of the red brand.

Tonight we expect a lot of special happenings. In fact, the first hour of Monday Night Raw will be completely commercial-free.

And kicking off that commercial-free first hour of Monday Night Raw will be none other than The Man, Big Time Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch Returns to the Ring at WWE Survivor Series

The Man came around again this past Saturday at WWE Survivor Series WarGames. Becky was named the 5th member of Team Bianca for the Women’s WarGames match at the premium live event.

Lynch wound up being the MVP of the match for Belair’s squad and guided the team to victory. Becky climbed to the top of the steel cage and connected with a Leg Drop on Damage CTRL below to pick up the pinfall victory.

After Survivor Series WarGames went off the air, Belair and Lynch were a part of the press conference following the event. Lynch quoted Eminem and admitted she was terrified of doing the Leg Drop before the show.

“Lads, I was terrified [laughs.] No, I wasn’t terrified in the moment. I was terrified getting up there in practice today, I climbed up [the cage] as I wanted to see the height of it. And my palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti [laughs].

Our live coverage of WWE RAW will begin right alongside the commercial-free first hour at the link below.