It’s been several months since Vince McMahon departed from WWE as Chairman and CEO, with Triple H taking over main roster creative. At the same time, Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon are co-CEOs of the company. 

The backstage atmosphere in WWE is said to be much better in recent months after McMahon departed from the company. 

Fightful Select reports that backstage morale has “improved significantly” after McMahon stepped down, and those in the locker room have said that backstage culture has changed for the better.

During the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, wrestling was the wild west backstage in the company, and if you upset the wrong person, you would either lose your push or be let go. Although the culture has improved over the last decade, there have been countless reports of McMahon’s erratic decisions affecting the shows, and the morale would take a hit at different times.

Happy Times

Vince McMahon

Per the report, “almost everyone” they spoke with said that going to work these days with Triple H running the ship is more fun and easy going and there is less of a feeling that you could get fired for things you can’t control.

While there is still a feeling that some wrestlers are not being used the right way, things are much improved compared to where they were this past summer. 

Numerous talent looked at Royal Rumble 2022 this past January as an all-time low for them from a creative standpoint and some lost faith in McMahon as a leader in some sense based on the situation with Shane McMahon that led to his exit from the company.