The inaugural Trios Champions appear to be on their way back to All Elite Wrestling at the Full Gear PPV on November 19th.

During tonight’s edition of Dynamite, AEW aired another video package featuring The Elite. Kenny Omega and Young Bucks can be seen with Cody Rhodes, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, and other wrestlers in the video.

The video features graphics from Full Gear and that appears to be the date Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks will return.

The Elite Suspended after AEW All Out

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks defeated Death Triangle at AEW All Out on September 4th to become the first Trios Champions in company history. Their title reign lasted a few days before they were suspended for their part in a backstage brawl following the PPV.

Jon Moxley and CM Punk had a rivalry leading into the PPV. Moxley had won the AEW World Championship from Punk on an episode of Dynamite two weeks before All Out. The legendary Ace Steel talked Punk into accepting Moxley’s Open Challenge for the AEW World Championship at the PPV. CM Punk wound up accepting the challenge and defeated Moxley to become the AEW World Champion for the 2nd time (without a single title defense).

After CM Punk won the title in front of his hometown crowd, he was confronted by MJF to set up the third match in their rivalry. However, that likely will never happen as the former AEW World Champion went on a tirade after the PPV that had very little to do with winning the title ten minutes prior. CM Punk had also torn his triceps during the match, which would likely have resulted in having to forfeit the title.

The rant led to AEW EVPs Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks confronting the champion in his locker room. According to various reports, the door either was kicked open by The Elite and hit Larry the Dog in the face, or The Elite politely knocked. The truth is likely somewhere in between.

What has been confirmed is that a brawl broke out, CM Punk reportedly threw the first punch, Ace Steel hurled a chair at Nick Jackson, bit Kenny Omega, and was fired. The Elite now appear to be on their way back while there has been no word on the status of CM Punk. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has stated that AEW has been negotiating with Punk for a buyout but nothing has come to fruition yet.