Rush and Dralistico suffered a loss to AR Fox and Blake Christian to kick off ROH Final Battle yesterday. At the end of the match, AR Fox hit a 450 Splash and went for the cover. The referee counted to three but it looked like Dralistico kicked out in time. Rush and Dralistico threw a tantrum after the match to try and save the botched finish.

It was a rough way to start the PPV but the rest of the card was strong enough to overcome a letdown of an opener. Rush attacked the referee and apparently has been “suspended” for the attack at Final Battle.

Jose the Assistant took to Twitter to announce they have been “suspended” for a week by All Elite Wrestling. Jose noted that Preston Vance was not suspended because he wasn’t “too involved”.

RUSH “assaulted” a Referee. We got fined $$ for using chairs. We’ve been SUSPENDED for a week by #AEW. Preston didn’t get too involved and isn’t suspended. You can’t fool the fans, they know the match ending was BULLSHIT. #ROHFinalBattle #LaFaccionIngobernable

ROH Final Battle 2022 took place yesterday afternoon in Arlington, Texas. Six title matches went down at the College Park Center and several changed hands. Claudio Castagnoli defeated Chris Jericho in the main event by getting him to tap out after 32 rotations in The Swing.

After the show, AEW President Tony Khan spoke to media and finally announced the future of Ring of Honor television. The future appears to be the backup plan, as Ring of Honor television will not have a home on TNT or TBS. Instead, Tony Khan announced that ROH TV will start sometime in the future on Honor Club, ROH’s subscription service on their website.