AEW‘s insistence on keeping the Women’s Title on Thunder Rosa despite her prolonged absence has been a matter of debate among people in recent times. Shawn Spears, for one, has made his stand on the matter very clear.

The former Pinnacle member took on his Twitter to comment on the arrangement of interim champions. He shared the belief that you should either be a full-time champion or not be a champion at all:

AEW has always had the policy of crowning an interim champion if any of the belt holders get injured or have to take time off for any reason.

The absence of the AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa, however, has been a controversial affair since the start. Some female talents of the company have accused her of faking the injury to avoid dropping the title.

She has also been away from the ring the longest among all the reigning champions who have taken a break from the promotion. This is why many fans believe that Rosa should be stripped of the title.

Jamie Hayter became the new Interim Women’s Champion by defeating Toni Storm at Full Gear. AEW President Tony Khan was asked about striping Rosa of the title during the post show media scrum. He said that he will make a decision once the timeline for Thunder Rosa’s recovery becomes clearer.

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