MJF came out to address the crowd and was introduced by William Regal. In the ring was a platform with something covered by a black cloth, which was very obviously a new title.

While talking about what he was better than, the champion said he was better than current title. After becoming champion, he promised himself there would be changes. He said looking at the title around his waist makes him “want to gag in his mouth.” The current title “is tacky and lacks class, and even worse, it reminds me of all of the men who have held it previously.”

Regal revealed the newly redesigned AEW World Championship that has a Burberry pattern on the straps. The champion said the belt is called the “Triple-B, the Big Burberry Belt.”

MJF’s Reign of Terror Has Begun

MJF on AEW Dynamite

MJF warned everyone that his “reign of terror has begun”. He began to return Regal’s brass knucks to him as he thanked him for his help. He walked up behind Regal and hit him with his own brass knucks.

The champion left Regal laid out in the ring while Danielson came down to check on his mentor. No one else from Blackpool Combat Club came to check on Regal. Regal was stretchered to an ambulance.