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AEW Rampage Catching Up to WWE Raw in Concerning Demographic


The average age of your standard AEW Rampage viewer has increased dramatically over the last year according to the latest data.

Rampage, AEW’s second televised show, launched in August 2021 and provides matches and the continuation of storylines from AEW Dynamite.

Getting On in Years

AEW has always prided itself on being an alternative to WWE, but recent data suggests the two companies aren’t too far apart.

In data from Wrestlenomics, it has revealed that the average age of an AEW Rampage viewer is in their early 50s, a sharp increase from the average age from October 2021 (mid-late 40s.)

The average age of a Monday Night Raw viewer is also in their early to mid-50s, and it seems just a year or two separates WWE’s three-hour show and AEW Rampage.

AEW Dynamite has also seen an increase in the age of the average viewer, but nowhere close to how dramatic the rise has been for Rampage.

Both WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown have been able to win over younger fans this year and lower their average audience tuning in each week.

After an increase in late 2021 following the launch of NXT 2.0, WWE’s gold brand has seen the average age of their viewer also drop.

AEW’s average live viewer’s age is on the increase, while WWE’s is seemingly falling, but there are plenty more companies around.

Impact Wrestling saw the average age of its viewers fall in early 2022, but has risen dramatically in recent months.

New Japan Pro Wrestling currently boasts the oldest age of the average fan tuning in, who are in their mid-60s.