Michael Mansury is the latest person to become ‘All-Elite’ after honing his production skills for years as part of WWE.

Mansury is expected to begin his new job as AEW‘s Senior Vice President and Co-Executive Producer with this Wednesday’s Dynamite, PW Insider reports.

Starting with WWE in 2009, Mansury was with the promotion for eleven years before leaving on his own accord in May 2020.

Michael Mansury

While he’s a name most fans will be unfamiliar with, Mansury had significant influence over WWE Premium Live Events and TV shows for years.

Upon his departure in 2020, it was reported that many saw Mansury as the successor to Kevin Dunn, who has worked for decades as WWE’s Head of TV production.

After Vince McMahon‘s retirement in July of this year, it was suggested that Dunn would be on his way out of the promotion, though that did not happen.

Triple H is said to be a big fan of Mansury’s work, though a source who spoke to Fightful said that there there wasn’t much farther he could go above his position in WWE unless Dunn stepped aside.


In their report, Fightful adds that both AEW and WWE are happy about Mansury’s hiring by Tony Khan.

The belief is that Mansury will go a long way in helping AEW’s content, with one WWE source saying he’s in touch with AEW’s core demographic.

One WWE source that has heavily criticized AEW has said that he saw this as AEW’s biggest hire this year.