AEW Full Gear takes place this Saturday from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. This will be the fourth incarnation of AEW’s Full Gear PPV event; the first was held in Baltimore back in 2019.

SEScoops correspondents Jesse Velasquez, Andrew Ravens, and Robert Lentini have assembled to provide our official AEW Full Gear predictions.

Jade Cargill vs. Nyla Rose

Jesse Velasquez: This story has been running for awhile now. I think this match will be better than what people expect of it. Jade Cargill is due for a bit of struggle, even if she remains undefeated in the process. Which she most definitely will. The bigger question is who takes the title from her? (Prediction: Jade Cargill)

Andrew Ravens: Rose stands no chance of beating Cargill and everyone knows it. Jade should and will remain the TBS Champion because there’s no one ready to dethrone her. (Prediction: Jade Cargill)

Robert Lentini: Jade Cargill is undefeated and will walk out of Full Gear the same. Nyla Rose has stolen the TBS Championship and Jade battled Marina Shafir in a match to forget. That sums up the build to this one. My prediction is Jade retains and her next feud will be better because it cannot possibly be worse. (Prediction: Jade Cargill)

Consensus: Jade Cargill

Jungle Boy vs. Luchasaurus

Jesse Velasquez: The steel cage is a nice touch to this bout. The flip from heel, to face,  back to heel was puzzling for Luchasaurus, but he’s better suited in this role. I see Jungle Boy getting a measure of revenge in this rematch from their previous duel on Dynamite back in October. (Prediction: Jungle Boy)

Andrew Ravens: Let’s all hope this is the blowoff for this feud for a little while as Christian Cage will still be on the sidelines for a few more months due to injury. Jungle Boy needs a big win on PPV, and with a win in this type of match and opponent, the stars align for him to walk out victorious. (Prediction: Jungle Boy)

Robert Lentini: Christian Cage will likely be ringside for this match and you’ve got to think he will play a factor. Jungle Boy obviously needs this win as AEW has said he’s one of their brightest stars of the future. A loss to the dinosaur guy wouldn’t jive with that. (Prediction: Jungle Boy)

Consensus: Jungle Boy

Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal vs. Darby Allin and Sting

Jesse Velasquez: Why this match is on an AEW pay-per view, I have no idea? I eagerly anticipate Jarrett moving to the front office after this contest. Oh, and Sting remains undefeated in AEW (Prediction: Darby Allin and Sting)

Andrew Ravens: The babyfaces should go over here, and Jarrett should eat the pinfall to keep Lethal strong. Personally, I’m ready to move on from this feud and let both Lethal and Allin go in other directions with Jarrett disappearing from television. (Prediction: Sting and Darby Allin)

Robert Lentini: Jeff Jarrett just arrived in AEW and he’s not losing his first match. Jay and Jeff pick up the win and maybe this is the match that leads to Darby Allin stepping back out on his own. (Prediction: Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal)

Consensus: Split

Saraya vs. Britt Baker

Jesse Velasquez: I’m anxious to see what Saraya looks like after 5 years away from the ring? It’s rare when a highly anticipated debut match goes the other way. I can’t see a debut of this magnitude in the women’s division going any other way than Saraya winning. (Prediction: Saraya)

Andrew Ravens: I could see this match going either way with either star winning and the cases for it being made. I’ll side with Saraya winning her first match back, as fans are still backing Baker despite being a heel. If they wanted to put heat on Baker then have her beat Saraya. (Prediction: Saraya)

Robert Lentini: Saraya debuted at Dynamite: Grand Slam and instantly vaulted to the top of the women’s division. There is no question that more fans are looking forward to this match than the two women’s title matches on the card. Britt will put up a good fight and will likely try to cheat to win, but it isn’t going to happen. Saraya wins her return match and gets her first victory in AEW. (Prediction: Saraya)

Consensus: Saraya

Wardlow vs. Powerhouse Hobbs vs. Samoa Joe

Jesse Velasquez: This is a tricky contest to call. Samoa Joe already holds the Ring Of Honor TV title, so I can’t see a double champion crowned. Wardlow’s run has been less than stellar since winning the title in June. Yet he is still a force when he’s on tv and wrestling. Hobbs has some momentum, but hasn’t wrestled much since losing to Ricky Starks on Rampage. I’m going to go with Wardlow prevailing by pinning Samoa Joe, keeping Hobbs looking strong in the process. (Prediction: Wardlow)

Andrew Ravens: This is an interesting match with three big guys. I don’t see why AEW would take the title off Wardlow unless they just wanted to have a title change although Hobbs getting the title could be a possibility to give him something as Wardlow doesn’t really need the title. Let Wardlow remain champion for a little while. (Prediction: Wardlow)

Robert Lentini: I’m eliminating Samoa Joe right off the bat from winning this match as he is the current ROH TV Champion. However, I am picking Samoa Joe to take the pinfall in this match because he can afford to. The only reason I can see taking the title off of Wardlow is to set up a feud with MJF over the AEW World Championship. I don’t think that is going to be MJF’s first feud, so Wardlow retains by pinning Samoa Joe and Powerhouse Hobbs has a reason to continue a feud with the TNT Champion. (Prediction: Wardlow)

Consensus: Wardlow

The Acclaimed vs. Swerve In Our Glory

Jesse Velasquez: We get the 3rd installment of this trilogy and it’ll be a fun one. There isn’t much of a doubt that The Acclaimed will win this, as it’s far too early to take the title off of them. The bigger question is, does Swerve Strickland turn on Keith Lee? I think it happens as these 2 are destined to be major factors in the singles division. (Prediction: The Acclaimed)

Andrew Ravens: Their first match was a lot of fun, and I expect to see this one be one of the best matches on the card that I am looking forward to seeing. I don’t see a reason why AEW would do a title change here, and I think The Acclaimed will retain. (Prediction: The Acclaimed)

Robert Lentini: The Acclaimed are one of the most popular acts in AEW and there is no reason to take the championships off of them. Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee aren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. Strickland essentially already has turned heel, but he makes it official by attacking Keith Lee after they lose their opportunity at the gold. (Prediction: The Acclaimed)

Consensus: The Acclaimed

Chris Jericho vs Bryan Danielson vs Claudio Castagnoli vs Sammy Guevara

Jesse Velasquez: I’m curious which direction they go? With Ring Of Honor headed to PPV in early December, This match screams Jericho or Danielson winning. It also looks like the promotion will have a TV deal coming soon? It’s a matter now of who Tony Khan wants to be the face of ROH for a short time when they get started on television? (Prediction: Chris Jericho)

Andrew Ravens: Chris Jericho should retain. Claudio already had the title and Bryan and Sammy don’t need it. Jericho was crowned champion with the idea of him being the champ when they get their new TV deal, which is rumored to be happening soon. Jericho retains. (Prediction: Chris Jericho)

Robert Lentini: Chris Jericho made this match himself and put Sammy Guevara in it as his “backup.” There’s no way Sammy’s ego isn’t going to get in the way of that and he’s going to want to become the champion. Jericho’s plan will backfire and Bryan Danielson will emerge as the new ROH Champion. It would be a little ridiculous for Bryan Danielson to lose yet another title match in AEW but it is entirely possible. (Prediction: Bryan Danielson)

Consensus: Split

Ethan Page vs Brian Cage, Ricky Starks or Lance Archer

Jesse Velasquez: The two names who jumped off this page when this tournament started were Ethan Page and Ricky Starks. Both men have been long overdue for a higher spot on the card. It’s now a question of do they have Ricky win 3 matches in 2 days? Or do they have Page take advantage of a fatigued Starks and go over here? (Prediction: Ricky Starks)

Andrew Ravens: Regardless of what happens on Rampage, Page seems to be the guy that AEW has been building this tournament for and it’s a nice change to see him be pushed by the promotion instead of being someone on the undercard with no real direction. I don’t see him being a world champion, but he can become a uppercard guy. (Prediction: Ethan Page)

Robert Lentini: Ethan Page is scheduled to face either Lance Archer or Ricky Starks at Full Gear. Archer and Starks will battle on Rampage to determine Page’s opponent in the finals. I think Ethan Page makes the most sense as the winner of the tournament and MJF’s first opponent as champion at Dynamite: Winter is Coming. I guess I’ve given away my prediction for the AEW World Championship a couple of times already. (Prediction: Ethan Page)

Consensus: Split

Death Triangle vs The Elite

Jesse Velasquez: We’ve seen the teases of The Elite coming back from their suspension after the Brawl Out at All Out. In my opinion, this will be match of the night from an in-ring standpoint by a wide margin. The 6 men involved have some incredible chemistry, as we’ve seen over the last 3 years in AEW. The trios titles will go back to the original champions. (Prediction: The Elite)

Andrew Ravens: The Elite needs to win the titles here as they were stripped of them for the All Out incident that everyone knows all too well. This could be one of the best matches on the card and I see The Elite looking to make a statement in this one. (Prediction: The Elite)

Robert Lentini: The inaugural Trios Champions, The Elite, will be making their return to All Elite Wrestling after over two months of being suspended for their role in the fight in the media scrum brawl following All Out. Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks will return to the company with a win and reclaim the championships they never lost. (Prediction: The Elite)

Consensus: The Elite

Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

Jesse Velasquez: Judging by crowd responses, Tony Khan has a decision to make here. It’s my belief that the promotion wants to hold off for Toni Storm vs Thunder Rosa when she returns from injury. Yet the fans are solidly behind Jamie Hayter over the last couple of months. I can’t see Khan making the same mistake he did when The Acclaimed lost at AEW All Out, in spite of the biggest crowd reaction on the show. (Prediction: Jamie Hayter)

Andrew Ravens: The oddsmakers expect to see a title change here with Hayter going over. I see this being a pick ’em that could go either way. Storm should remain champion until Thunder Rosa gets back to do the title unification bout. However, an argument could be made that to make the interim titles mean something then they need to be booked like the regular titles, and thus title changes happen. I’ll side with Storm, though. (Prediction: Toni Storm)

Robert Lentini: The fans haven’t really gotten behind Toni Storm at all since becoming the Interim Women’s Champion. Part of that is the interim label, and also the fact that she hasn’t done anything interesting with the title. Toni will likely retain just to set up the inevitable match against AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa. I’d like to be wrong (I usually am) but I’m picking Toni to retain at Full Gear. (Prediction: Toni Storm)

Consensus: Split

Jon Moxley vs. MJF

Jesse Velasquez: Jon Moxley has done a phenomenal job of holding the AEW World title multiple times over the course of the last 6 months. He’s been the foundation of AEW through this tumultuous 2022 calendar year. Yet it’s time for MJF to take the top spot. He’s been groomed for this over the last couple of years and is ready now more than ever. He’ll do it with the help of William Regal as he turns on Moxley, costing him the title and siding with the new AEW World champion. (Prediction: MJF)

Andrew Ravens: MJF should and will win the title here. I would be shocked if he doesn’t, especially with him now being a babyface. What will be interesting is how AEW handles Moxley from there. Does he turn heel on MJF, and that’s what leads them to a rematch? Do they go their separate ways? That’s the question. (Prediction: MJF)

Robert Lentini: Maxwell Jacob Friedman is winning this match and leaving Full Gear as the new AEW World Champion. This Saturday, the Devil will get his due, and may God help us all. (Prediction: MJF)

Consensus: MJF