El Hijo del Vikingo is one of the hottest wrestlers in the world and promotions in the US have been waiting to book him for a very long time. That has finally been able to happen in recent weeks as Vikingo was able to obtain his visa.

It seems like a new show or promotion is announcing he’s booked every day with GCW being the first. There’s just one caveat. AAA will not allow any Vikingo matches to be streamed. So if you’re ordering shows or paying $4.99 for every GCW show, you’re out of luck.

PWG has Vikingo booked for their Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) shows in January. This might be one of the rare times it’s a good thing they don’t stream and you can only watch shows by buying DVDs. It is suspected that Vikingo’s matches will be available on the DVDs. Night One of BOLA has been announced and Vikingo will be taking on Black Taurus and Bandido in what will certainly be a banger and potentially an early Match of the Year candidate.

On Wrestling Observer Network (via WrestlingCovers), Dave Meltzer said there’s a possibility that AAA could waive the “no streaming” rule if Vikingo were booked for AEW or IMPACT.

IMPACT has had a relationship with AAA in the past. They’ve done crossover shows and Vikingo wrestled on those shows.

He also has ties to AEW as the AAA Mega Champion. He was scheduled to face former Mega Champion, Kenny Omega for the title. Omega vacated the title due to injury. Vikingo defeated Bandido, Samuray Del Sol, Bobby Fish, and Jay Lethal to become champion. Just today, he said that he could come to AEW to finally get his match with “The Cleaner”.

“The third time’s the charm. It’s now been two occasions that Kenny Omega and I were gonna wrestle, but for this and that, it wasn’t able to happen, but now I have the Visa. So if he doesn’t come (to Mexico), then I will go look for him. Expect some big surprises. Why not have ‘El Gran Jinete’ go and look for him in his own house? Anything can happen. My home, AAA, is always giving surprises. I don’t know, maybe in the future, I will go to his house, or him in ours, or somewhere in the middle. Anything can happen.” (h/t Fightful)

Vikingo versus Omega is a pay-per-view worthy match. It would be interesting to see how AAA would treat television match leading up to a pay-per-view or if AEW would have to air the match on one of it’s big themed TV shows, St. Patrick’s Day Slam.

The demand for Vikingo to appear in either (or both) promotions is huge and will only get bigger as Vikingo wrestles for more promotions in the US and more fans are able to see what he can do.