It’s safe to say that 2022 has been one of the wildest years in the history of WWE.

From mass releases to the shock retirement of Vince McMahon, this is a year that none of us will ever, ever forget.

But with 2022 drawing to a close, attention turns to 2023, and a whole new year of matches to look forward to.

Here are five of the most anticipated matches of WWE in the new year.

5: Brock Lesnar Vs. GUNTHER

It has been reported that GUNTHER Vs. Brock Lesnar is in the works for WrestleMania 39.

Can you say PHYSICAL?!

In 2022, there are few names in WWE who have made an impact quite like our reigning Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER.

Debuting on the main roster earlier this year, the Austrian powerhouse wasted no time in winning his title from Ricochet, a title he has held for over 200 days.

It was reported recently that right now, WWE’s plan for WrestleMania 39 is for GUNTHER to face Brock Lesnar, in what could be the most hard hitting match we’ve seen in decades.

GUNTHER’s in-ring strength has never been in doubt, while Lesnar is a once in a lifetime athlete who’s 2022 has shown he still has a love for wrestling.

Whether the title is on the line or not, GUNTHER Vs. Lesnar has all the markings of an instant classic, and a match fans are eager to see.

4: Bray Wyatt’s First Match Back

Bray Wyatt Lantern
Bray Wyatt returned with a ton of buzz, but WWE needs to pull the trigger with a match soon.

At Extreme Rules, WWE’s excellent White Rabbit build paid off with the return of Bray Wyatt, fifteen months after his controversial release from the company.

Since then, Wyatt has feuded with LA Knight, though his attentions seem to be more focused on the presence of the mysterious Uncle Howdy.

For all of Wyatt’s talk and promos though, Bray is yet to wrestle, something that has not gone unnoticed by fans.

It has been rumored that Wyatt will face Knight in a ‘Pitch Black’ match at the Royal Rumble, though whatever the rules are for said match is unclear.

I guess you could say that with the Pitch Black match, we’re ‘in the dark!’ (I crack myself up.)

While Bray returned with all the momentum in the world, it does feel like some of the shine has come off, and WWE needs to pull the trigger on a match for him soon.

Wyatt’s first match back is hotly anticipated, if nothing else than fans want to see what he can do in the ring as this new character, and we can only imagine his match will come in 2023.

3: Edge’s Final Match

Edge on Raw
Edge will have the chance to end his career on his own terms next year.

It’s hard to believe that next month will be the third anniversary of Edge’s startling return to wrestling.

In April 2011, fans (and Edge himself) had resigned themselves to the fact that his career was over, tragically cut short by neck issues.

This year has seen Edge compete six times, a slight dip from the ten matches in 2021, but next year may see his final match.

After competing in his native Toronto earlier this year, Edge strongly implied that he will be retiring the next time WWE comes to Canada, which is expected for mid-2023.

If so, then we are not long away from Edge’s final match, and hopefully WWE will give it the build and gravitas it deserves.

Edge’s return to wrestling has been nothing short of miraculous, but the Rated-R Superstar now has the chance to end his in-ring career again, this time on his own terms.

2: Roman Reigns Vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes
From the moment Cody Rhodes returned, there has been speculation on a match with Roman Reigns. (via WWE)

From the moment Cody Rhodes’ platform was raised at WrestleMania 38, this was a match fans anticipated.

The idea of Rhodes Vs. Reigns was cemented the following night when the American Nightmare spoke about his WWE return, and his desire to become World Champion.

Sure, Rhodes’ injury may have delayed those plans, but it is clear that Cody is destined to hold gold soon.

With rumors of Rhodes returning as part of the Men’s Rumble match, a match he is a favorite among many to win, a match with Reigns seems a matter of when, not if.

But this match will resonate for another reason. It will be WWE’s top star against someone for years considered the face of AEW.

The fact that Cody is in WWE now at all remains mind-blowing, and him facing Reigns has the substance to be an all-time great story, even if there’s one more for the Tribal Chief that fans are anticipating even more…

1: The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns

The Rock Roman Reigns
The Rock & Roman Reigns could be the biggest match WWE has held in a decade.

The People’s Champion Vs. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

The Brahma Bull Vs. The Tribal Chief.

The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns.

Not since The Rock Vs. John Cena in 2012 has there been this level of excitement for a match, one that WWE has yet to confirm.

Both Reigns and Rock have teased for years that a match between them could happen, but never has it seemed more likely.

From Reigns being at his very best, to Rock’s movie filming schedule being suspiciously free for the first quarter of the year, all the signs are pointing to this match finally happening.

The Rock, now 50 years old, is not the spring chicken he once was, and if not next year, than this match, nor any other match with him, may never happen.

If WWE wants The Rock Vs. Reigns, then 2023 is the time, in what would be the biggest fight we’ve seen in years.