Jinder Mahal
Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal recently joined “INSIGHT with Chris Van Vliet” for an extensive conversation delving into various aspects of professional wrestling and WWE.

During the interview, the former WWE Champion discussed his journey to the top, including his unexpected rise to becoming WWE Champion, his memorable segment with The Rock in January, and the notable interaction he had with AEW President Tony Khan on social media.

Here are some key highlights from the discussion:

Reflecting on his WWE Championship win:

Jinder shared insights into how his dedication to maintaining a top-tier physique and his work ethic contributed to his opportunity to become WWE Champion. He recounted the surprising turn of events that led to his number one contender match and eventual title victory at Backlash.

Recalling the January 1st segment with The Rock:

Jinder provided behind-the-scenes details of how he learned about his involvement in the segment with The Rock just a day or two before it happened. He described the process of piecing together information and his initial reaction to being chosen for the segment.

Sharing The Rock’s message after the segment:

Jinder revealed that The Rock sent him a voice note expressing gratitude for their collaboration and hinted at potential future interactions. He admitted it took him a few days to fully comprehend The Rock’s cryptic message about working “all across the board” with WWE.

Discussing the exchange with Tony Khan:

Jinder recounted his reaction to seeing the viral exchange between himself and Tony Khan on social media. He expressed surprise at the overwhelming support he received from fans and fellow wrestlers following the interaction, noting that it was a unique experience for him.

In this interview, Jinder Mahal provided intriguing insights into significant moments of his wrestling career, shedding light on both the challenges and the rewarding experiences he encountered along the way.