Edge's Last WWE Contract Match

WWE Hall of Famer Edge is set to clash with Sheamus on the upcoming episode of SmackDown in Toronto, Canada.

The R-Rated Superstar discussed this highly anticipated match in a recent conversation with ET Canada. During the chat, he was questioned about rumors regarding his potential retirement. Edge doesn’t provide a straightforward answer but does reveal that his upcoming battle with the Celtic Warrior marks the final contest on his current WWE contract.

In all honesty, I can’t give you the answer everyone might be expecting. The truth is, I genuinely don’t know. I can say with complete sincerity that I don’t have an answer. This feels unusual for me, but it’s the reality. I’ve pondered over it a bit, but not extensively. This upcoming match is the concluding event of my existing contract.

The former world champion, who has held the title multiple times, admits that he now experiences anxiety when performing. He acknowledges that the once “dream job” has become more challenging as he approaches the age of 50.

As for my future, I’m in the dark. I honestly can’t predict. Most likely, I won’t have a clear answer until I’m in the locker room that night, unwinding and letting go of the anxiety and pressure that has become part of my pre-performance routine. It’s a novel experience for me, as I never used to feel this way. This has made things significantly more difficult. I’m turning 50 in October, and it’s not as effortless as it once was. What I used to take for granted now involves a process and its aftermath. There’s a lot to consider. Although it’s my dream job, it’s becoming increasingly challenging.

Recently, Edge celebrated his 25th anniversary with WWE.