The December 4th, 2017 edition of WWE RAW airs live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Keep refreshing this page for live results starting at 8 PM ET!

– RAW GM Kurt Angle makes his way out to the ring to kick off tonight’s show. Angle hypes up tonight’s show, and mentions that Roman Reigns is going to have to defend his Intercontinental Championship tonight. Angle quickly gets interrupted by his son Jason Jordan, who comes down to the ring. Jordan asks Angle for a match against Roman Reigns tonight because he wants to answer his challenge to take the Intercontinental Title from him. Angle says Jordan can’t be serious, his knee is still taped up from last week. Jordan asks his dad just to give him a chance. Before Angle can answer, Roman Reign’s music hits and he comes out to interrupt. Reigns steps into the ring and says he’s a fighting champion, but it won’t be Jordan he’s fighting tonight, he wants Samoa Joe. Reigns tells Jordan that if he wants an opportunity, don’t go running to his daddy, step up and take it. Jordan says Reigns shouldn’t talk about earning opportunities, but Reigns says he has earned his opportunities. Reigns tells Jordan again to step up and take it if he wants it. They come face to face with Angle between them, then Samoa Joe comes out to interrupt. Joe says his patience has worn thin with watching Reigns and Jordan pretending to be tough. Joe says he accepts Reigns’ challenge, but he will give Reigns a chance right now to back out and save himself the embarrassment. Reigns doesn’t retract his challenge. Jordan interrupts next and gets booed by the fans. Jordan says unlike Joe, he actually is tough, because he doesn’t attack people from behind. Jordan issues a challenge to Joe now, but Reigns wants Joe first. Reigns starts to talk to Joe, but Jordan grabs him and gives Reigns a belly to belly suplex. Kurt pushes Jordan off of Reigns and tells him to leave. Jordan steps out to ringside. Reigns gets on the mic and says Joe will have to wait for later, because Jordan is going to get it right now. Reigns tells Kurt to make the match, and Angle calls for a ref to come down.

Keep refreshing this page for live results starting at 8 PM ET!

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