It looks like Matt Sydal has found himself in the center of some controversy.

The former WWE Superstar who performed as Evan Bourne was scheduled and advertised to appear at a pair of British Championship Wrestling (BCW) events this weekend, however he failed to show up at either show.

As a result, the BCW promotion has gone public with the story, claiming that not only did Sydal no-show both events this weekend, but he is refusing to return his portion of a $1,500 booking deposit. Sydal’s agent, Bill Behrens, returned his $300 portion of the deposit, so the promotion is claiming that Sydal owes them $1,200.

BCW also went public with the response that was given to them by Sydal when they asked him for their booking deposit to be returned.

“A deposit is a deposit,” Sydal wrote. “It’s so that you can announce and promote me and sell tickets, which you did. I made every effort reasonable to make the show. I let you know as soon as there was an issue and I never intended to make your life so challenging. I don’t have [money] to buy myself a ticket. I tried to work with British Airways but they were no help and neither were you. I would have loved to make the shows and collect my pay days. But you get to keep those. I would apply the deposit towards another show which is what reasonable people do.”

For more on this story, visit the official Twitter page of the British Championship Wrestling promotion @BCWOfficial.

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