Thanks to Jay Miles and Roo Patel for the following WWE RAW spoilers from today’s tapings in Manchester, England. We will still have our live RAW play-by-play tonight at 8pm EST.

* WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz opens the show with another MizTV episode. He rips on WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin before introducing tonight’s guest, RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. Miz rants about Braun Strowman attacking him last week, blaming it on Angle. Angle makes Miz vs. Braun for tonight

* Jason Jordan defeated Elias in a “Guitar on a Pole” match. Elias sang a song before the match. Elias reached the guitar first but Jordan used it on Elias a few minutes later for the win

* Asuka defeated a local enhancement talent in a quick win

* Samoa Joe vs. Titus O’Neil is next

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