Dolph Ziggler hates his current role in WWE as a wrestler who loses often to the top stars of SmackDown LIVE.

Ziggler was a guest on E and C’s Pod of Awesomeness this week and the trio began talking about Dolph’s status as a workhorse who puts over possible future main eventers on their way up.

“I hate it,” Dolph told Edge and Christian. “But also I’m someone who, I hate that I’m not the champion. I hate that the show is not about me because that’s the mentality you should have if you’re in the business. If you’re the ‘Hey I want to be the opening guy who works for 10 years and saves a bunch of money,’ (guy) that’s great. But there’s a thousand other guys in the back that say, ‘I want to be the best. I want to main event WrestleMania, I want the show to be about me.’”

Adding, “So you have to have that mentality. But also I’ve been around enough to know the score, to know what’s going on. So I hate being in that position. I think I should be a bigger part of the show. But so does everybody else.”

“The Showoff” did note, however, that he sees positives in the fact that he’s been used on WWE television regularly for almost twelve years and is grateful for his time there.

You can listen to the show here or iTunes.

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