This week’s episode of SmackDown aired live from Milwaukee, MI. Here are 3 winners and losers from the October 24th edition of SmackDown:

Shane McMahon (Loser)

SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon kicked off the show and explained why SmackDown invaded RAW last night. Shane said that he learned when he was younger that it is good to throw the first strike when you are in a fight. Shane was quickly interrupted by Sami Zayn and it became clear that he and Sami have unresolved issues. Shane made it known that he doesn’t want Zayn or Owens on Team SmackDown.

Shane McMahon then had a few conversations with SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan throughout the night. Bryan was unaware of Shane’s plan to invade RAW last night and was disappointed that Shane didn’t consult him about it. RAW did not retaliate on tonight’s episode of SmackDown, but Daniel Bryan warned Shane that they will and that Shane better be ready for the consequences. SmackDown seemed unified when they attacked RAW’s roster on Monday. After tonight’s episode of SmackDown, it is clear that there are some issues with Team SmackDown that Shane McMahon caused heading into Survivor Series.


Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin (Winners)

Gable and Benjamin became the #1 contenders for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships by winning a Fatal 4-Way on the October 10th edition of SmackDown. They had faded into obscurity before that moment, but now they are first in line to challenge The Usos for their SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

On tonight’s episode of SmackDown, Gable and Benjamin picked up a victory over New Day. For months it was The Usos and New Day that were the only viable teams in the SmackDown tag division. Well, Gable and Benjamin defeated one of those two teams tonight and if they defeat The Usos they will have completely taken over the division.


Baron Corbin (Loser)

Baron Corbin has now lost to Sin Cara two weeks in a row. Last week he lost via count-out and tonight he was disqualified. Corbin just beat the hell out of Sin Cara and ignored the referee’s pleas for him to stop. The referee had no choice but to disqualify Corbin but that still didn’t stop him. Corbin delivered an End of Days to Sin Cara outside the ring after the match.

Yes, Corbin looked dominant tonight but he has lost all momentum. He is the United States Champion, but nobody really cares. He still hasn’t recovered from the embarrassment of losing his MITB cash-in match against Jinder Mahal. I don’t think a meaningless feud against Sin Cara is going to help Baron Corbin in anyway. He may be the United States Champion but he feels completely irrelevant on SmackDown right now.


Becky Lynch (Winner)

SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan announced the five Superstars that will comprise the SmackDown women’s team at Survivor Series. It will be Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Naomi, Carmella and Tamina versus RAW’s 5 best female Superstars. Bryan then announced that the 5 Superstars will compete tonight in a Fatal 5-Way to determine the team captain.

Becky Lynch wound up winning the Fatal 5-Way after locking Carmella in the Dis-Arm-Her for the submission victory. Lynch is now the team captain and I think that is a good choice. Alicia Fox won a Triple Threat match last night on RAW to become the caption of their women’s team. Becky seems to be a lot of more stable than Alicia Fox’s character right now. I feel like Becky has been lost in the shuffle on SmackDown lately and I think it’s good that she is going to have a prominent role at Survivor Series.


Jinder Mahal (Loser)

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal issued a challenge to Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series last week on SmackDown. Last night, Brock Lesnar responded to the challenge and accepted. His advocate, Paul Heyman, cut a great promo on Mahal and essentially called him a joke of a champion.

Jinder Mahal responded tonight and his promo wasn’t impressive at all. He’s just not great at promos and tonight was no different. Mahal claimed that he was Lesnar’s worst nightmare during the promo. However, he then showed he was scared of AJ Styles a few minutes later on the show after Styles defeated Sunil Singh. Instead of challenging Styles himself, he asked Daniel Bryan to put Sumir Singh in a match with AJ Styles next week.

I understand that Mahal’s character is a heel and that it makes sense for him to avoid competition and cheat to win. He just hasn’t cut an entertaining promo in a long time and tonight would have been a good time to do so when it is hard to believe he has any shot against Lesnar without relying on outside interference.


Randy Orton (Winner)

Randy Orton faced Sami Zayn tonight in the main event of SmackDown. The winner of the match would qualify for the men’s team at Survivor Series. Last week on SmackDown, Orton teamed up with Shinsuke Nakamura to face Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Sami wound up pinning Orton after hitting with a low-blow while the referee was distracted. Zayn then followed it up with the Helluva Kick for the victory.

Randy Orton got his revenge tonight. Orton was gearing up for the RKO when Kevin Owens sprinted down to the ring. Orton booted Owens off the ring apron and the referee started arguing with Owens. During the distraction, Orton hit Sami Zayn with a low-blow and then planted him with the RKO for the victory. Orton is now the first member of the SmackDown men’s team and got his revenge on Sami Zayn. Not a bad night for The Viper.


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