The November 13th, 2017 episode of WWE RAW aired live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA. It was the final episode of RAW before WWE Survivor Series this Sunday. Here are 3 winners and losers from this week’s RAW:

Bayley (Winner)

Alicia Fox announced that Sasha Banks would be joining the women’s team at Survivor Series last week on RAW as Bayley looked confused as to why she wasn’t on the team as well. Tonight on RAW, Bayley competed against Mickie James and Dana Brooke to determine the final member of the RAW women’s team.

Dana Brooke made a crucial mistake when she attacked Asuka who was standing by the ring along with the rest of the RAW women’s team. Asuka chased after Dana Brooke and kicked her in the face. Bayley then quickly hit the Bayley to Belly on Mickie James and became the final member of the RAW women’s team. It has been a struggle for Bayley on the main roster so far, but she certainly picked up a big victory tonight.

Gallows & Anderson (Losers)

Gallows and Anderson faced Samoa Joe and Finn Balor tonight. RAW GM Kurt Angle made the match because he wanted to see if Balor and Joe could work together after they beat the hell out of each other last week on RAW. Both Joe and Balor are on the men’s team for Team RAW at Survivor Series.

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor defeated Gallows and Anderson with ease. It is stunning how far Gallows and Anderson have fallen since arriving on RAW. They came into WWE as a dominant team after having tremendous success in NJPW. Now, they cannot defeat anyone and as of now don’t have anything to do at Survivor Series.

Braun Strowman (Winner)

Braun Strowman faced Kane in the main event of this week’s episode of RAW. Kane attacked Strowman at WWE TLC, which ultimately led to Strowman being shoved inside of a garbage truck. Strowman made his return recently and already got his revenge on The Miz. Strowman asked for a match against Kane tonight and RAW GM Kurt Angle gave it to him.

The match never started as Kane and Strowman brawled before the bell rung. The action quickly spilled outside the ring and Strowman struck Kane with a chair several times. Strowman then brought Kane back into the ring and connected with a Running Powerslam that sent both Superstars through the ring as RAW went off the air. Strowman proved tonight that he is the real monster on RAW and that Kane is no match for him.

Kurt Angle (Loser)

RAW GM Kurt Angle kicked off this week’s episode of RAW. He was quickly interrupted by RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. Angle was then subjected to a verbal beatdown by Stephanie McMahon for ten minutes. Stephanie questioned how Angle allowed New Day to get into the arena last week on RAW and Angle had no answer.

Stephanie added insult to injury and said that hiring Angle as RAW GM was the worst decision of her career. Angle said that he was going to start off the match at Survivor Series and challenged SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon to do the same. Angle added that he was planning on breaking Shane’s ankle and Stephanie McMahon essentially laughed in his face. Angle has a lot to prove this Sunday at Survivor Series because those in power above him clearly don’t believe in him right now.

Paul Heyman (Winner)

Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman made their way to the ring during RAW tonight to cut a promo on AJ Styles. AJ defeated Jinder Mahal last week on SmackDown to become the new WWE Champion and will now face Lesnar this Sunday at Survivor Series. Heyman was going over the match and describing how Lesnar will defeat Styles when a bizarre chant broke out in the crowd.

“She said yes!” echoed throughout the arena as Lesnar and Heyman chuckled in the ring. A marriage proposal had taken place in the crowd and the crowd became completely distracted by it. Heyman took the opportunity to crack a couple of jokes at the newly engaged couple’s expense and it was one of the highlights of this week’s RAW.

Jason Jordan (Loser)

Kurt Angle’s night got even worse when he watched his son get his ass kicked by Bray Wyatt backstage. Jordan defeated Wyatt with a roll-up, but Bray attacked him after the match. Kurt Angle then came down to the ring to check on his son who was clutching his ankle. Angle then informed Jordan backstage that he didn’t think he should compete on Sunday. Jordan begged for Angle to keep him in the match.

Angle made his way to the ring and was about to announce Jordan’s replacement when Jason emerged from backstage. Jordan once again pleaded with his father to keep him in the match. Jordan stated that this would be his only chance to share the ring with his father. Stephanie McMahon came down to the entrance ramp and demanded that Angle announce Jordan’s replacement. Angle hesitated and Triple H’s music hit.

Triple H stormed down to the ring and announced that he was the fifth member of the RAW men’s team at Survivor Series. Jason Jordan had tears in his eyes and pleaded with Triple H to reconsider. That didn’t work out too well as he fell victim to a Pedigree from Triple H. Kurt Angle then checked to see if his son was okay as Triple H walked backstage.

The worst part of this entire ordeal for Jason Jordan was that the crowd was celebrating Jordan getting his ass kicked. They chanted “yes!” as Bray Wyatt attacked Jordan earlier in the night and then rejoiced after Triple H planted him with a Pedigree. In terms of storyline, tonight was a rough night for Jason Jordan. However, the crowd clearly is not behind him and WWE faces an uphill battle if they want to make this storyline work.

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